As I have mentioned in a previous blog one effective way of detoxing your body is through the usage of a sauna. Typically there are a couple of different types of saunas that are used when it comes to detoxifying. The hot stone sauna that you can pour water on is the one that I particularly enjoy and get more usage out of period however a new emerging technology call infrared offers a deep core warming effect.

The advantage that I find with a hot stone sauna is you’re able to pour water on the rocks and get a lot of steam from that. What that does for me is it allows my sinuses to clear. My wife uses essential oils and has taught me to use the essential oils in the water that I pour upon the rocks.

The advantage of that is very unique depending on the oils you use you can get a different outcome. These essential oils can be used for different purposes things like relaxation things like detoxifying and opening up the sinus cavities.

If I decide to use the sauna in the evening hours I would use a simple oil like lavender for relaxation purposes.

However if I’m struggling with a sinus problem I would use something called steam. This particular oil opens up all the sinus cavities and allows your head to properly train the fluid that is building up.

By properly detoxifying yourself you will avoid sickness and stay healthier. I have experienced the advantages of detoxifying through a sauna for now over 5 years.

If you decide to use a sauna to detoxify your body it’s important that you do drink more water ahead of time and of course drink more water after sitting in the sauna. Another little trick that’s important to remember when you’re sitting in a sauna is eating a banana afterwards can be very helpful with potassium replacement. When I first started sitting in a sauna I wasn’t drinking enough water and I wasn’t replacing the potassium that I was losing. At night I would often get home relax and get cramps in my legs. It was the lack of potassium in my body that was causing me to cramp. Simply eating a banana afterwards gave me the potassium I needed and replenished my body enough that I never suffered from cramps after again. So make sure that if you choose to use a sauna to detox have a banana waiting for you shortly after.


As I have mentioned in this previous blog hydration is very important in order to maintain a healthy balance.
Aside from hydration there are other things that you can do to improve your overall health. I have found that detoxifying your body by drinking pure fresh water will help your overall body perform better.

One way that I have effectively found to detoxify my body is through the usage of a sauna. Often I will take the opportunity to sit in a sauna and steam at 190 degrees Fahrenheit. The advantage of this is two fold and in many cases people would argue that there’s more than just two advantages of sitting in a sauna. For me personally sitting in a sauna offers the opportunity to sweat out heavy metals allowing my body to detoxify itself. During that time I am consistently replacing and replenishing my body with clean clear fluids. Sitting in a sauna is nothing new. The Norwegians have been doing this for Centuries and it’s a practice that has now been largely adopted by the rest of the world for detoxifying your body of heavy minerals.

Typically sitting in a sauna for 15 to 20 minutes at 190 degrees you can lose up to 3 to 4 pounds in water weight. By replenishing this water throughout and post sauna you will find your body feeling much better.

Typically on those days that I go into a sauna I choose to eat a much lighter diet and I will enjoy fruits and vegetables during those times.


I am convinced that poor or chronic hydration is something that the average person deals with and doesn’t even know it on a daily basis.

After college I spent a lot of years discovering a program that would be best for me.  After several years in the corporate world and yoyo diets I decided that I was going to completely reshape the way my body was.

After 9/11 I decided to quit the corporate world and join the military and serve. I joined the military as a combat medic serving with the Marine Corps. All of my training was focused on life saving skills and triage.

Although my training as a combat medic prepared me for the rigors and injuries related with war we spent a great deal of time on the dull and mundane details of proper hydration and the signs of dehydration.

One surprising thing that most people don’t know it is by the time you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated. It’s imperative that you keep a steady line of hydration throughout the day and if your physical activity goes up your hydration must go up as well.

A couple of the first signs to look for in a dehydrated person would be simply things that don’t stick out like veins that are sunk into the skin. Veins that are thick and popping out are properly hydrated and will be one of the first signs that will help you determine hydration or dehydration. Another quick thing to look at is just simply around the mouth. Typically a person that is completely dehydrated has a lot of color around their mouth. In extreme dehydration cases confusion and the inability to stand is another one. A great self-check that I taught most of my Marines was to look at the color of their urination. The darker the color of the urination the more concentrated the salt level in their body which meant they were dehydrated. If their urine was clear it meant that they were properly hydrated. It became imperative to my Marine Corps that we spent time teaching our fellow Marines on the signs of dehydration.

One statistical fact that most people are very surprised to hear is there are more dehydration cases in the wintertime then in the summertime. Now ask yourself why. It’s so simple when you really think about it. In the summertime people are hot and they want to drink. In the winter time it’s cold and not too many people feel like they want to drink water. Again if you live in an environment where cold weather is, you need to be more aware that hydration statistically is more dangerous in cold weather environments.

Therefore acting properly in cold weather environments by pre-hydrating and hydrating throughout whatever event you’re doing must become one of the most important focuses if physical activity is required for sustained periods of time.

Over the years of tracking my physical fitness, food, and hydration intake, I have learned certain tricks when it comes to hydrating correctly. It sounds very simple but it is a truth sometimes; you’re just sick of water. When you’re trying to properly hydrate it’s important that you prepare for success. Although I am a good water drinker now, in the past I have not always been so. It’s important when you start tracking hydration to give yourself variety.

Other surprising ways that most people don’t think about hydrating are through simple things like delicious juicy fruits like plums, pears, and peaches. If these are not the types of fruits you enjoy eating an alternative can be juicing. That is the very simple act of taking that fruit and processing it through a juicing machine in your own home.

Sometimes the price of juice machines can be cost prohibitive and a simple blender could be used to make a nice smoothie with yogurt.

Getting the yogurt with the natural juices of the fruit create a great hydration opportunity for you. It offers for variety and flavor that you will never get through water. Another surprising way to keep hydrated is by having other drinks on hand like a simple sports drink.

Although sports drinks are great for a lifestyle that is on the run, it can also get costly if you buy then individually from places like gas stations and convenience stores. My suggestion when it comes to hydration is to have a multitude of options always on hand things like Gatorade, which are great after a hard workout. But things like sports drinks should not be drank while you’re sedentary and not working out. Sports drinks have high salt replacements that could lead to higher blood pressure if you consistently drink them and don’t actively work out.

Here is what I find that works best for me. Often I will go to the grocery store and buy a large case of small single serving Gatorades. I will also buy a large quantity of fruit. The other thing that I always have on hand is a 5 gallon bottles of water. We never buy individually bottled water. I find by buying in larger quantities I’m able to justify drinking more and staying better hydrated.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog, when it comes to tracking your food intake, it is important for you to find a method that works.

I keep a small journal with me throughout the day. Often this journal is my go to guy to make small notes and goals for other things that I would like to accomplish throughout the day.
I have decided that at certain points I wanted to stay under 1500 calories per day. So I simply split up my day in my journal by writing down breakfast lunch and dinner.
From a maintenance standpoint when all I want to do is maintain a healthy weight I will typically try to stay at 500 calories per meal.

One of the most important things that I track is how much water I drink. Eight glasses a day of at least 12 to 16 ounces is a great goal. I often find myself drinking more than that in times of higher physical activity. When I wake up in the morning, first thing I drink a large glass of water. I have known that this is the most optimal time to start your hydration. Setting the pace for your day and starting it with a clear head is a great way to set yourself up for success.

I have had conversations with many people that feel depressed sad or upset for no real reason.  Often to find out that they are severely dehydrated.

Of course I’m not talking about true clinical depression or for reasons that someone should be upset. I’m just talking about people that are having a little bit of an off day. They don’t feel quite right. It’s because our bodies are made of over 70% water. And we need to constantly be replacing that if were talking, walking, or any type of physical activity.

Through tracking my food and intake I have been able to control my body’s outcome with greater success. Avoiding more sick days and staying healthy is my goal. So by tracking I see good patterns developed. I see when bad patterns start to develop as well, so I can quickly correct those.

I have a greater sense of peace and well-being because I have control of certain things in my life. It’s more than just journaling and tracking for me. It’s more about controlling the final outcome and knowing that I’m doing more good than bad when it comes to making healthy choices.

Take the 21 day challenge and enjoy journaling and see if it makes a difference for you. Some people will use pen and paper and others will use all the advantages of technologies and apps. Of course I will get into the different types of technologies that I have used to help me even turn the game up!

Continue to enjoy some of my blogs about staying healthy and learning a process to take care of not only your body but the family members around you.


During my college years there was a lot in my weight loss progress and failure. I learned many valuable lessons during that time because I had a very unusual schedule. My unusual schedule led to typical unhealthy eating habits. Seeking out advice from others was the most important game changing event when it came to my weight control. After talking to several friends that have had much success with weight loss and health and fitness it became apparent that tracking was everything.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would work best for me. Would carrying a chart, a graph, a small diary/journal, be the optimum way for me to keep a food diary?

In the end I settled for a book that sent me in the right direction. As it is in life you meet many people and the friend of mine that introduced this book to me was a successful Marine Corps sergeant.

Sergeant Kodak I a really great guy that really understands physical fitness. He had tapped into a book called Body for LIFE. Sergeant Kodak, after the Marine Corps, went into heating and air conditioning in Davenport Iowa.

As he explained it to me, the fact that he is in a very physically demanding job helps to maintain his physical fitness.  Sergeant Kodak explained to me that he needed the strength to be able to move large heating and air conditioning units on his own.

When he first got out of the Marine Corps his business was very small. So he could not afford the extra help to move the heating and air conditioning units.

He knew the exact weight of all the units he was certified to install. So he went to the gym and started actually tracking the amount of weight progressively getting stronger and stronger to where he was able to move all of these units on his own. Additionally, he was able to maintain great physical fitness as well.

Sergeant Kodak explained to me as his business became more successful he was able to hire more employees to do the physical labor.

As more of this time was focused on the business side, less of his time was focused on doing the physical activity. He slowly noticed that he was starting to gain weight. Going back to the same lessons he learned when he started his heating and air conditioning business he knew tracking was the key to his weight loss success.

Sergeant Kodak showed me this same process that I went through when it comes to deciding how to track. It’s just like balancing a budget with your checkbook, so much money in and so much money out.

In the end, what I have settled for when it comes to tracking the type of diet and exercise, it has always fallen into a simple journal that I write in every day.

As this blog continues we will discover what to track and how to track more effectively so you can have the same success.


During the times when I’ve decided that I needed to lose weight, I’ve had to look at what foods I was eating that caused me to gain weight. Not only is it sometimes the foods that we eat but, it’s also the times that we eat those foods. Combining with that with a sedentary lifestyle is a sure way to gain and pack on those extra pounds very quickly.

Sometimes I’ve had to choose to eat less or portion my food in order to have a healthier diet. Portion control has successfully helped me keep a long-term control of my weight. However when I was in college I was constantly eating high starch and fatty foods and then sitting and studying for long periods of time. I found during that time a low impact exercise of just swimming or treading water at the university pool was very beneficial for me. That low impact workout helped with pain control as I had a previous knee injury.
For the most part during college, eating healthy was a very big challenge. Late night studying eating pizza or any type of fried food was a common occurrence in our dormitory. However, I found ways to compensate by eating with friends and making our own meals at least once or twice a week.

So it’s just a few days after new years and the only thing everybody talks about is making those New Year’s resolutions. I’m sure many people for the New Year have decided to lose weight and get in better shape. I am no exception to that rule. Over the years I’ve tried different successful and unsuccessful weight loss and workout programs. Over the years I’ve had to successfully negotiate the wide range of information on how to lose weight successfully. It seems like every few months a new diet and exercise program is coming out. I come from a family that never spent a lot of time focusing on physical activity so the learning curve for me was much higher. When it comes to finding good information it is true that good information can be sometimes hard to find. Over the years by trying different weight loss programs I have found a few key things that work well for me. It’s not just diet and it’s not just exercise its both diet and exercise together that will give you the optimum results. A few examples that I have tried for diet and exercise have been simply things like eating less carbohydrates and walking more. In times when I’ve had to travel more often this is been the only type of exercise I’ve been able to successfully complete consecutively.