If you want to have a lovely house, then you need to place a lot of focus on keeping your garden healthy at all times. With that in mind, we created a list with some of the best ideas that you can follow if you want to keep your garden healthy at all times!

Try to use only fully composted yard waste

This will have a positive effect on your garden and it will help you maintain your plants in a very healthy state. You want that to happen, so consider opting for the very best waste in this regard!

Try to remove bugs from plants

Plants can easily die off if you don’t nurture them. Bugs are very damaging for them, so it will be very important to create a good, efficient way to get rid of bugs naturally and as fast as possible. It will be a crucial thing to focus on here and it can provide you with a resounding set of results. Pesticides or dedicated insect removal kits will help you quite a lot here.

Clean up the garden often

With help from a complete cleanup, you will get to clean your garden up in the fall and results will be more than impressive in the end. You will certainly appreciate the great value delivered here, so try to keep that in mind.

Use the right fertilizer

Talk with a professional and make sure that you use the proper fertilizer. There are multiple types of fertilizer that you can use here, so you should consider finding the very best one. You will have to study the properties of your soil before you pick the very best option to suit your needs!

Prune the damaged limbs

Pruning the damaged limbs will be a necessity here, so you should consider doing that at all times. The reason why you want to prune damaged limbs is that you will eliminate the spreading of any potential plant diseases. It’s very helpful and the value can be very well worth it in the end.

Water your plants

Watering your plants is something you want to do at least once a few days. Plants need sun and water in order to grow, so you will need to offer them the necessary water in case there are no rains here. Don’t do overhead sprinkling as that will be very bad in the end.

Avoid crowding plants

Instead, leave them some room to breathe. Just like people don’t like to be crowded, you shouldn’t add too many plants in a single place. It’s a much better option and the value can be worth it in the end.
In conclusion, there are quite a lot of things you can do if you want to keep your garden healthy. You should consider giving this a shot and you will definitely be more than impressed with the unique value delivered here. Plus, you will be able to maintain your plants healthy without a lot of effort, which is great!

The damage caused in the US per year by termite castes is huge and accounts to over $2 billion every year. This is more than the damage caused by windstorms and fires. Moreover, subterranean termites happen to be the most destructive insect pests of the wood in the world.

However, having said that, it is also important to realize that certain termite species are important to us and the environment. They work to break down bush waste, dead trees, and other important materials. Termites have a natural hunger for dead or dying good. They also present a serious risk to building home owners when they build new structures, homes, and other warehouses.

Termites are a social insect. They are quite similar to ants in their habits of living with each other and their size is usually small. Termites actually have a colony or caste and they are considered as the kings of the family. Every colony grows in excess in millions. Imagine the damage that this can do to your woods but it is true.

The Queen And King
The queen and king are the original winged reproductives that give birth to more in their family. They are responsible for reproduction and they function as the colony in reproduction. Once one is born out of them, they drop to the ground and they shed their wings and then choose a suitable nesting site for themselves.
The king and queen are, therefore, responsible for the egg that bears thousands and millions of these termites. The queen here is responsible for egg laying and it is believed that the daily egg production is more than 2000! The kings and queens spend about 20 years living and they generally tend to have a long life. Their colony then starts selecting to develop the reproductives that have to assist them in their duties.

Workers and Soldiers
On the other hand, there are workers and soldiers too. The workers are the males and females through which production is conducted. They are the highest number of individuals in a colony and they conduct all the tasks except for defense and reproduction. Workers tend to work in the colony by feeding castes, grooming the kings and queens and doing other favors. Soldiers, on the contrary, are different than workers because even though they resemble them in appearance, they have well-developed heads and they serve the function of defending the colony against invaders, primarily ants, and other termites.

Reproductives are final members of the colony and they have sexual organs so they can perform sexual functions. They are known as the future kings and queens of the family. Reproductives grow by shedding skin till they are back in their full state.

How Do They Function
Termites function by the construction of tunnels both underground and over the edges of the concrete slabs. They move around these to complete their function well by moving, damaging and destructing along the way.
Termites are dangerous as they destroy wood and cause other damage. If you live close to a place where there is wood, it is better to learn and realize how termites and termite castes work.

Alright so I think this is a great place to start as it’s not great idea to build on something that isn’t sturdy and ready for more. Yeah that was a complicated way of saying you need a good foundation. We’ll start with some basics for your yard. Watch out for TERMITES! Here are fyis for you to consider.

A termite is hardly bigger than the moon of a fingernail but when they are together, they become the kind of natural builders which shows their unique architectural sense. The mounds built by them can reach the height of 17 feet (5 meters) and even higher. The weight of a typical mound is somewhat around 15 kilograms (33 pounds).

Like ants and bees, termites are also social insects who live in colonies and follow a whole cycle. They do have a king and a queen but there is no person who is in charge or the head architect of the mound which is being made. All the effort and work is collective with no one supervising over the entire colony.

The question which obsesses a number of researchers is that how the termites are able to work in such harmony without any supervision. Is the whole map already fitted into their mind and the generations are bound to follow the same rules which have been naturally entered into their coding system.

A termite nest can be divided into two parts which are animate and inanimate. The animate part is all the living termites which are actually inside the nest and the inanimate one is the structure itself. The most common places where you would find a termite nest are wooden structures like logs and in dead parts of the trees.

Termites primarily make use of their own feces to construct the nest which is a very desirable construction material because of its specific properties. Other materials like partly digested plant material and soil can also be used in the construction process. The weakest building material has to be carbon which requires the inhabitants to reside on the counter attack technique to safeguard themselves from the invaders.

Scientists have use X-rays to observe the termite mounds and to gain familiarity with the behavior of termites. The tunnels in the mounds have been found to be different in nature depending on the genus of the termites. The mushroom shape mounds are of termites belonging to the Cubitermes, straight pillars are for Thoractermes and the cones for the Procubitermes.

The models which have been examined proposed that the direction and the length of every new tunnel made by the termites were random. There is no synchronized way which is followed by them. Each tunnel opens up to a new chamber which branches even more in various directions. The tunnels which are not used very often are sealed shut.

The experiments in the mound will help in understanding how the termite brains work which will open doors for researching the way human brain has progressed over the years. The research, in turn, might open a gateway for making energy-efficient buildings or even do some construction on other planets like Mars.

There is a need for further research that how the structures built by termites have a relationship with the environment and other surrounding factors.